Westlake Demon Greetings!!     

 The Westlake Demons Athletic Boosters (WDAB) is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers who work together to raise funds to support athletic programs at Westlake High School (WHS) and Lee Burneson Middle School (LBMS).    

 Our primary goal is to encourage and foster a sense of camaraderie and student pride throughout our schools and community.      

All Athletics/One Goal 

 WDAB has provided ongoing financial support for our sports programs, approximately $500,00 over the past nine years, including $60,000 in 2022-23 alone, to enhance the overall athletics experience of our student-athletes. 

However, we haven’t done this alone; we collectively provide this high level of support through partnerships with the Westlake School District, corporate partners/sponsorships and from our families, coaches and community supporters. 

 WDAB provides assistance to twenty-four athletic teams at WHS and seventeen teams at LBMS (more than 600 student-athletes total), with the primary goal of maximizing the opportunity for our teams to achieve competitive success while being a part of an activity that further enhances their engagement, growth and development outside of the classroom.  This goal cannot be achieved without philanthropic support. 

Philanthropy is about giving, generosity and promoting the welfare of others. Your support of WDAB is a form of philanthropy which in turn utilizes the TIME, TALENT and TREASURE of our membership. 

 Your TIME  

Volunteers are the backbone of the WDAB organization.  We have numerous committees where you can volunteer your time;  as a team representative, serving on a committee, working concessions, selling 50/50 raffle tickets, soliciting corporate sponsorships and more...time is our most valuable asset and we appreciate any time that you can volunteer on behalf of WDAB.  

Your TALENT   

WDAB serves to benefit from the talent and expertise of our membership.  Please consider volunteering on a committee where your talent(s) can be effectively utilized.  


 Financial donations are needed to help purchase the necessary items to support our teams, including; warm-ups,  equipment and rental space .  Contributions can be made in the form of memberships, corporate sponsorships, purchase of Yard Signs, Good Luck Ads, items from our WDAB Spirit Shop, participation in team fundraisers and more. Please share your treasure at the level that best fits your interest and capacity!    

 Your membership is the primary resource for WDAB to fund requests from our Athletic Administration.  Please join WDAB to support our WHS and LBMS student-athletes. If you have questions about membership please email our Membership Chair, Heather Hargett, at wdabmembership@gmail.com 

 We also invite you to become an ACTIVE member in our WDAB organization.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in the Red Brick Room at WHS. 

Come learn more about the organization and become a part of the decision-making process that directly benefits our student-athletes. 

 Together we can work together to ensure our student-athletes attain a quality athletics experience!   Thank you for your continued support! 

 Delicia Ostrowski



Please join us the first Thursday of each month in The Red Brick Room at WHS at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome. WDAB members are eligible to vote on action items. 

2023 - August 3, September 7, October 5, November 2, December 7  
2024 - January 11, February 1, March 7, April 11, May 2, June 6

* Please note meeting dates may change to avoid conflicting with WHS school events.

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